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After the Chinese exhibition

Drawing the conclusions

07/04/2015 Christophe Roshardt: We find the Chinese market promising for engineering projects

SM Contact presented its latest developments in crimp connection and pin insertion at Electronica China 2015. This event is rightfully regarded as the leading specialized and influential trade fair in Asia, uniting the state-of-the-art technologies and applications in the electronic components business. As a result, the company made plans for reinforcement of engineering staff in its Eastern division SM Contact Asia as a new goal.

Faced the challenge of developing machines in China, Mr. Roshardt, SM Contact Corporation General Manager, was initially hesitating about his strategic decision. “Most of the companies develop and produce machines in Europe and export them to the Far East. By re-enforcing the engineering in China, even if it is a difficult approach, SM Contact places the first stone for the future and will be able to meet customers’ requirements directly in the country”, confessed Christophe. “I have every reason to believe that Chinese market will play the leading role in the world soon”, he added.

SM Crimp 2000 and Pininsert 2100 machines demonstration attracted most of visitor’s attention at the SM Contact stand. This equipment is easily adjustable to customers’ specifications and can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated in a product line. With standard options and, when required, additional custom-engineered solutions, it can serve perfectly customers’ interests.

In the manual mode, SM Crimp 2000 enables production of up to 1000 splices per hour. Presented machine was equipped with standard options indispensable for production with high quality of every single product and to the user’s convenience. They are the crimp force control monitor Starlite and built-in camera for the component position monitoring.

Programmed to the machine cycle, the crimp force monitor checks quality of every crimped piece, provides automatic rejection of defective ones and aids in their identification. SM Contact experts recommend the crimp force monitor as a good investment, because the system works with many types of crimping machines and suites well to any application requiring in situ monitoring of crimp or press forces.

When SM Crimp 2000 is used within Splice crimping station (SCS), it enables to reach highly precise positioning, performance stability, and component presence, placing and color video verification. Thanks to maximum automation, it provides perfect quality of the components to be connected, especially completed with stripping unit option.

Speaking about SM Contact crimping equipment, Christophe Roshardt emphasizes the importance of high-precision positioning. ”Whatever technology you are using for connecting components: soldering, welding, crimping, splicing, if they are not at the correct position while processing the connection, you can never reach a good quality”, he says.

Regarding interconnection by pin insertion, SM Contact presented economic, efficient and customized solution implemented in Pininsert 2100. This machine was designed for small quantities: up to 3600 pins per hour (and in its turn up to 7000 for Pininsert 2200 model) and was equipped with a pneumatic insertion head. Its manually adjustable working table allows pins to be inserted one at a time by means of a guide system with very precise camera control.

To demonstrate Pininsert 2100 operation pressfit pins were used as the most up-to-date tool for solderless interconnections. This type of pins guarantees especially reliable connection (provided by compression of a pin during insertion) and is widely applied in automotive industry. All pressfit pins configurations have been successfully tested and qualified according to IEC 60352-5. For exclusively developed by SM Contact pressfit zones 0,6x1,00 and 0,4x0,5 mm (with diameter of finish plated through hole 1,325±0,025 and 0,675±0,025 correspondingly) deformations of the coating are within the limits and doesn’t cause PCB damage.

It was the fifth time when SM Contact took part in Electronica China. Although participants noticed significant reduction in the number of visitors in general, Mr. Roshardt was satisfied with the exhibition’s outcome for the company. “We absolutely love visitors in Switch and interconnection technology section. Mostly involved in R&D, they seek for engineering decisions and come with real problems to solve”, he noticed. “I keep convinced that we must pay special attention to these engineering-concerned customers. Surely developing of new equipment takes a lot of resources: energies, time, money. But this is the strength of a company to be able to propose customized solutions”, Christophe concluded.

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