Pin interconnection is a simple and effective way to ensure electrical connection and to strengthen the whole assembly.

The pin can be made of round-, square- or rectangular-section wire and various materials and coatings. The wire is "stamped" at a regular pitch, so that there are pre-cut areas defining the useful length of the pin. (read more about PinInsert equipment...)

SM Contact offers different stamps: ✔ SMOOTH ✔ STAR ✔ WINGS ✔ HARPOON ✔ PRESSFIT ✔ COMBINATIONS (read more about pin types...)

Pin interconnection serves for numerous applications:
■ Printed circuit:
□ Interconnection with a second circuit placed above;
□ Control points for electrical signals;
□ Connector output (image 1);

■ Coil frame:
□ Wrapping of enamel-insulated wire coiled on the frame body: electromagnets, transformers, etc. (image 2);

■ Plastic connectors:
□ Insertion of pins in a male connector;
□ Soldering of pins on the back of the connector on a printed circuit (image 3).


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■ Pay only for a pin ■ Expensive and inflexible connectors
■ 100% customized:
□ Adjustable in height and position
□ Insert just a quantity of pins needed
■ Limited application

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