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Splice is a solderless crimp connection of two components formed by crimping a metal clip onto the ends of the components. First, the insulation is stripped from the ends of the wires to connect (if necessary). Than the metal clip is cut from the spliceband (continuous reel of metal ribbon) and formed to an open-barrel terminal (U-shaped). Finally, it is compressed tightly around the bare (...)

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Pin interconnection is a simple and effective way to ensure electrical connection and to strengthen the whole assembly. The pin can be made of round-, square- or rectangular-section wire and various materials and coatings. The wire is "stamped" at a regular pitch, so that there are pre-cut areas defining the useful length of the pin. (read more about PinInsert equipment...) SM Contact (...)

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Quality Control Systems

MOBILE MICROGRAPH LABORATORY SK 4000 Our micrograph toolkit enables easy, quick, reliable, and inexpensive assessments of the quality of a crimp or welded connection. All of the applicable work steps, including cutting, grinding, etching and imaging, are integrated in this micrograph laboratory. A sample holder with a quick tightener enables placing the sample without time-intensive (...)

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IDC Machine

IDC (insulation displacement connection) machine provides time- and cost-effective alternative to terminal crimping and soldering. Solid or stranded wires are inserted into the connection space unstripped and pressed with much lower forces than crimping requires. IDC termination facilitates the rapid assembly of high- density wiring harnesses. Obtained connectors withstand harsh (...)

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Manual wire harness taper TapiX is a novel solution for wrapping wires with insulating tape. This tool substitutes hand winding and ensures significantly more quick and qualitative insulation. Technical characteristics: ✔ MAX.TAPE OUTER DIAMETER 90 MM ✔ TAPE INSIDE DIAMETER 38 MM ✔ RECOMMENDED DISTANCE FROM WIRE HARNESS TO WORK TABLE 130 MM ✔ TAPE PVC 15 / TAPE PVC 19 ✔ WIRE HARNESS (...)

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