Contrôle de la qualité

Viso 6.00 Software


Viso 6.00, SM Contact updated original laboratory software, provides automated splice quality control by the means of microsection analysis and immediate direct interaction between the customer and SM Contact engineering staff.

This intuitive software guides the operator during the following operations :

Step 1. On the connection production stage operator measures the quality with a help of laboratory equipment, provided with Viso 6.00 software.

Step 2. Opening the operating panel of Viso 6.00, operator chooses the mode : free measurement or Control list* correlation.

Step 3. Selecting the free mode, operator chooses the parametres to measure. In the Control list mode the parametres and its normal values are predetermined.

Step 4. Operator measures the parameters by setting the start and end points of each measurement in the working area.

Step 5. Viso 6.00 generates a report (free measurement) or a comparison report (Control list mode)

Step 6. FPC Solution option. Measurement results could be sent to the customer‘s private area in SM Cloud data storage. If the deviation is detected, the FPC Solution system automatically directs a signal to SM Contact engineers.

Step 7. FPC Solution option. Annual re-validation of connections and updating of the Control list keeps the customer abreast the production quality.

* On the step of connection definition the Control list is formed. It is based on simulation and laboratory test results (e.g. crossview, pull-force, electrical resistance, galvanic corrosion, CPK match, etc.). It includes all optimal connection features and tolerances. This information is uploaded to the Viso 6.00 for the further quality control.

Main Window   Control List Interface   Free measurement : Parametres Selection
Free measurement   Free measurement : Report

The proper time-proven testing equipment in conjunction with the up-to-date software completely eliminates measurement errors and reveals only quality deviations, ensuring operative and effective assistance.

It provides accurate measurements in convenient way, including all tools, automatic calibration and dimensions detection, data export to PDF format meeting the industry-specific and factory standards.


♦ Control list integrated to the program as a new option substituting Datasheet document
♦ Automatic measurement of splice dimensions and cross section area
♦ Automatic calibration
♦ Actual presets for checking the conformity to industry-specific and factory standards
♦ Simple-to-use program with guided procedure


Viso 6.00 is the essential part of Full Process Control (FPC) Solution – SM Contact innovative in-depth proposal for splice connection manufacturing, which provides nonstop quality assurance.

It includes connection qualification and tooling definition ; private online access to connection standards, equipment manuals and software updates ; splice equipment with in-line quality control options ; laboratory equipment for after-production monitoring ; annual requalification and machine calibration ; hotline assistance.


♦ VW 60330
♦ USCAR 21
♦ TYCO114-18022-10
♦ PSA 9634115099
♦ Renault 36-05-019
♦ SM Contact Norm

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