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Viso 6.00 Software for micrograph laboratories

Viso 6.00, brand-new software for micrograph laboratories

01/12/2015 ELPAC laboratory equipment acquired at the beginning of 2015 required more fully developed level of supporting software. Taking into account customers’ needs, SM Contact engineers elaborated completely new program Viso 6.00 and brought it into life in record-breaking two months just to present in Messe Munich on November, 10th-13th this year.

Actually, SM Contact mock-up aims to provide automated splice quality control by means of micro-section analysis and speedy direct interaction with SM Contact engineering staff.

How does it work?

1. A customer purchases SM Contact micrograph laboratories (SK 4000, SK 6000) in conjunction with Viso 6.00 software.

Usage of the proper supervisory instruments lets customers and SM Contact engineers speak a common language in cases when the first ones don’t get an expected connection outcome.

2. Before starting of machine production, the Control list is formed by SM Contact specialists on the basis of simulation and necessary laboratory tests (cross-view, pull-force, electrical resistance, galvanic corrosion, CPK match, etc.). It contains customized parameters (optimal connection dimensions and tolerances) and is uploaded to Viso 6.00 of the corresponding customer.

3. Opening the operating panel of Viso 6.00, operator selects the mode: Free measurement or Control list matching.

- selecting the free mode, operator chooses the parameters to measure or appropriate presets and sets start and end points of cross-section in the working area. He can save cross section picture and measurement results on computer and form a PDF-report;

- in the Control list mode the parameters and its normal values are predetermined. Operator sets the start and end points of each measurement in Viso 6.00 interface. Afterwards the program generates a comparison report.

FPC Solution option

Measurement results could be uploaded to the customer’s private area in SM Cloud data storage. If they diverge from the Control list, the system automatically directs a signal to supporting engineers making them react proactively.

This “feedback” function provided among others by Viso 6.00 is an essential part of Full Process Control (FPC) Solution system - SM Contact innovative in-depth proposal for splice connection manufacturing.

FPC Solution option includes:

• Initial connection qualification and tooling definition (Control list forming);

• SM Cloud data storage with private customers’ access keeping all connections’ information (including Control lists, manuals and CPK reports);

• Splice equipment with in-line quality control options (to monitor component position, crimp and press forces, to control crimp height and cross view);

• Micrograph laboratories for after-production monitoring;

• Annual re-validation of customer’s connections with updating of the Control list and drawing up recommendations for meeting the quality requirements (for example, wrong tooling adjustment, change of components’ quality, wearing of equipment, etc. can be revealed).

Accordingly, what are Viso 6.00 advantages?

- Hotline assistance of SM Contact engineering staff in case of both customer request and “auto-alarm signal” from Viso 6.00;

- Intuitive program with guided procedure;

- Control list integrated to the program as a new option substituting Datasheet document;

- Automatic measurement of splice dimensions and cross-section area;

- Automatic calibration;

- Actual presets for checking the conformity to industry-specific and factory standards.

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